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Auto, Work & Sports Injuries in Victorville

Dr. Stine is known throughout the High Desert as the Injury Specialist and here’s WHY:

Auto injuries:

He is one of the few doctors in the State of California and the ONLY doctor in the High Desert who has completed extensive training in the treatment of auto accident injuries. He has received a Master's Certification in Whiplash from the prestigious San Diego Spine Research Institute. He has an extensive network of orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, internists and radiologists at his disposal. He also has the ability to have MRI studies performed usually within one day.
For additional information on auto injuries, please visit the Auto Injuries link within Health Conditions.

Work Injuries:

In 1993, Dr. Stine was appointed a Qualified Medical Examiner by the State of California. He has been used as an expert witness in court and currently is the primary treating physician for various local companies and receives referrals weekly from Orthopedic surgeons, medical doctors and neurologists. Many experts trust their work injuries to Dr. Stine, you should also.
For additional information on work injuries, please visit the Work Injuries link within Health Conditions.

Sports Injuries:

Since 1998, Dr. Stine has been the team physician for both Apple Valley High School and Granite Hills High Schools. His responsibilities include evaluating and treating all injuries to the athletes as well as appropriate referrals if necessary. He serves as the on- field Doctor for all football games. Dr. Stine is also consultant to other area schools for their sport injury needs.
For additional information on sports injuries, please visit the Sports Injuries link within Health Conditions.

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